Friday, September 27, 2013

Get Paid to Use GPS on your SmartPhone

Get Paid to Use GPS on your SmartPhone

Hi all,
I was searching over internet and I found a Unique way to Earn Money From Internet and From Your Own Smartphone for Free.

This is completely unique and new method as I think but some of you may also know this.

It can earn you upto $10 per day and company is almost 5 years in business.

Interested, please continue reading.

I'll be talking about company called NAVIZON.

You will get paid for doing things which you are doing already for other companies, without stress, strain and legally.
Simply you will get paid for Mapping Wi-Fi and BTS APs with your Smartphone. Sounds Interesting?

When you use your Smartphone with Google Maps, you're collecting anonymous data for Google for free.

So why don't get paid to do the same thing for another Company?

So lets Get Started.


1. Smartphone or Tablet with Android or IOS.
2. Wi-Fi or GSM Built-in.
3. GPS Built-in.
4. Paypal Account for redeeming your claimed rewards.
5. Active Internet Connection is not Required.

If you don't meet the requirements then too you can continue reading and get rewards but you will only get rewards from your referrals.


Registration is easy and free just click the link below and fill out simple form and its done.

Link to join Navizon

If it ask for Referral code during registration please Enter this 5E5A5C565D5B5E

3. How to Configure

Once you have signed-in, you'll have to specify your "Home Area". Click on "My Area" tab and select your Area on Map and just form a Rectangle there by clicking on four directions in your map.

The "Home Area" is not meant to be a place where you'll be mapping your points, but it can be used with a conjunction of "Coverage" to find out where you can map most of them.

In order to Start Mapping Your Points, you need to install Android or IOS Application, corresponding to your platform.
You can either search for application called as NAVIZON form your Google Play Store or from your Apple App Market, or even you can install it remotely.

Android Users Click Here
iOS Users Click Here

When you start Navizon, application that you have just installed, click "Mapping" and then click "GPS on" button.

Now you are successfully [B]Mapping you Points[/B. To Upload them, just goto the "Mapping" menu and click on "Upload". They are updated continuously as long as internet connection is Available.

As of now, you should see "Some of your points have not yet been processed" in your Navizon Account, specifically in "Rewards" Tab, if the mapped points were uploaded successfully.

When you collect 10.000 points, you can "Redeem" this points for $10 USD ($9.8) - due to Paypal fees and send them to your Paypal Account.

The first "Redeem" is Free, because you are running a Trial Premium Version. But one you have made your first $10, you need to Buy Premium Account, which costs you next 10.000 points and lasts forever.

That's it for now and if you have any doubts then let me know here on this thread.

I don't have payment proof now but my sponsor do have a payment proof that is why I joined it.

I will upload my payment proof as soon as I get my payments.


  If you have any doubt please reply on this post link below.

Get Paid To Use GPS

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